All hands to the social media pump

Sometimes we’re asked to do extraordinary and somehow we always manage it – social media and exhibitions

Recently one client booked a stand at an exhibition where two other clients were exhibiting – all three wanted full social media coverage. We successfully managed to organise shelf scheme, furnishings, lighting and electricity for one client, help man the stand and fully service the two other clients with social media campaigns and stand promotions. At the same time we were running social media campaigns for an exhibition in Washington and a major UK event. Dogs, satellites, construction projects and marketing software were all a go-go on our radar and we managed to make each brand perform, reach new targets and drive new business leads.

Rising to the occasion

It’s not always like that, but sometimes completely unconnected calendar events conspire to work together. What makes it exciting is when everything does happen at once and everyone wins. When we’re asked to multi-task, we don’t put our heads in our hands and sink. We rise up, out-source and with careful management, everyone’s a winner.

All hands to the social media pump
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