The vlogging starts here

If you don’t know what a vlog is or think you’ve never vlogged or seen a vlog, read on. A vlog is a video interview, somewhere between a blog and a film. It’s fairly short, between two and 5 minutes and is a great way to show off your products and services. Customers like vlogs, because they’re real and you get a chance to see the real person behind the company or service. Here at Planet Coms, I trained in vlogging with The Vlog Academy, an excellent course, run by highly experienced, easy to learn from and brilliant Mi Elfverson

After training with Mi in how to use the camcorder, set up lighting, microphones and edit on iMovie, I was ready for my first vlogging job at The International Sheepdog Trials in the Netherlands, this led to The Sleddog Trials in Aviemore and now a variety of vlogs for different companies.

I’ve learned a lot

Through practice I’ve learned a lot and I’m now a lot more savvy about where I place my subjects in the shot i.e. not in front of loos or next to a noisy snack van! I’ve learned which microphones and lights to use and what works best indoor and outdoors.

Check out some of our vlogs here:

The format is simple – an introduction, a logo, music which suits the style and feel of the film and a carefully edited film interview.

Why vlog?

Because the human brain processes video images quicker than words.

We all love watching videos

Did you know that 6 billion hours of video are watched on YouTube every month. Then 92% of mobile viewers, share the videos with others.

Vlogging is a simple way to create videos, becaause you simply don’t have to worry about sets and castings and production. It’s just you talking to camera.

Vlogging is great for your target customers too, because it’s an easy way to understand your brand and get to know what you do.

You can use your vlogs to explain issues or just focus on the benefits you provide.

Vlogs make you real and human

Vlogs show your a real person and that makes you someone your customers can trust. Try and ask your customers to give you quotes or testimonials on camera.

The future is video

More than 74% of all internet traffic is video and it’s increasing all the time. Start vlogging now and get ahead.

SEO loves video

As people are searching more and more for video content, Google now ranks vlogs higer in search content.

What are you waiting for? Start vlogging now.

If you’d like help to make a vlog, just ask us.


The vlogging starts here