What you write, and how you write can change everything

Words and language influence the way we think and talk and buy. It's all about getting inside people's heads.  Your prospects and customers will buy from you if  you understand how it feels to need your products & services. We write copy for ads, brochures, banners and scripts that changes a want to a need. Everything from a postcard to a plane trail.

A few tips to help you write compelling copy

Engage. Convey your business message & create an irresistible call for action. Check out our 10 top tips for good copywriting below.



10 Top Tips for copywriting that sells

       1. Know your audience

Imagine I’m the person on your list. What am I like? What do I want? The more you know about me, the more targeted and relevant your copy will be.

      2. What’s your unique selling proposition (USP)?

Why should I buy your product or service? What's in it for me? Why is your product better than any other?

      3. What’s your objective?

What's the purpose of your communication? What action are you trying to get me to take? Make sure you’re 100% clear.

      4. Use a compelling headline line

KISS – Keep it Short and Simple

      5. Avoid weasels

Nothing to do with safety in the woodlands. Just stay away from words that go around subject, known as ‘weasel words’ - may, maybe, hope, wish, try, but, could, perhaps and strive. Use direct commands like will and can to describe what your product or service will or can do for your customer

      6. Don't use passive voice - write in the present tense

The passive voice weakens your message. It's best to avoid it. If you don’t know what it is, just avoid ‘ing’ words like ‘the latest technology is interesting because’… say ‘ the reason the latest technology should interest you is…’ Don’t say that you ‘were selected for an award’. In stead say ‘we received an award’.

         7. Let someone else will say it for you

Always include a customer quote, where you can. It speaks a million more words about you than you can say yourself, adds credibility and reality.

          8. Keep your copy clean and concise

After you write your copy, read it out loud. Print it out and look at it. Check if the message is understandable and the call to action is clear. Edit, cut out unnecessary words and consolidate your ideas. Then cut it down again.

          9. Break up the text

Use bullet points and sub-heads to make easy to read and easy to scan information. Most people will scan a page first before making the big decision to read it.

          10. How do I start?

Use this simple guide - AIDA – Attract, Interest, Desire, Action.

Those are the rules for writing copy that sells. First you need to attract people to read what you have to say. Then interest your target to know more. Create a desire for your product/service, then invite an action through a phone number or an email to make contact.

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