Social Media

At Planet Coms, we develop original, targeted, social media campaigns that work, gain 1000s of followers, build targeted communities and drive targeted traffic to your website. Find out how we do it.


Get Social 

  1. Drive traffic to your website
  2. Post pictures
  3. Post video content
  4. Show links
  5. Share news and updates
  6. Promote pages of your website

  1. Drive traffic to the website
  2. Share updates
  3. Show links, images
  4. Engage in conversations
  5. Network and drive attention at conferences and trade shows
  6. Promote new content
  7. Encourage feedback

  1. Network with your peer group
  2. Promote your brand.
  3. Share company updates, in your tone of voice
  4. Use product showcases pages to send people to your website
  5. Share videos and images
  6. Use for networking, pre and post- exhibitions and to follow-up contacts
  7. Sharetestimonials

  1. Share posts
  2. Build followers
  3. Engage with your community
  4. Promote your brand
  5. Drove traffic to your website


Drive your social media followers to your site. Increase your page ranking on Google. 

  1. Articles & images to give insight
  2. Show how customers use your services
  3. Brilliant for SEO
  4. Make you an expert in your field
  5. Add content to drive your social media
Article Marketing

Insert your article into a relevant online article directory. Bring visitors to your site and improve your page ranking. 

  1. Confident, accurate concise, compelling, powerful, copy
  2. Well-written, informative and original articles
  3. Do your article research
  4. Proof read
  5. Submit